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Wendy Abubakari

Hello, Thank you for coming!

I have been building sites for 25+ years now, a friend showed

me the basics and I taught myself the rest...a lot of research.

I love building sites, I probably build one site a month even if

it doesn't get put online and I end up deleting it, I just

like to create different things and give myself different ideas!

So, if you need a site and you don't know

how to do it or you don't have the time...

I would love to build a website for you...


I am in a course for coding websites now...

LOL I guess I figured been doing it

so long mine as well get certified! LOL

I can build you a website for...

  • Pets
  • Engagement
  • Wedding Announcement
  • After Wedding
  • Birth Announcement
  • Graduatioln
  • Memorial
  • Bio
  • Dating
  • Store (any item(s))
  • Service
  • Informational
  • Blog
  • And much much more!

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